Marketplace Analysis and Strategy

No one marketplace fits all. We will work with you to determine the strategy that best aligns with your goals.
Experience Driven Business Strategy
Your marketplace goals are unique to you. Whether you are looking to decrease inventory, expand into new markets, or offer different services, we have a broad range of experience to make sure your strategy is successful.
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Market Strategy
It is critical to not disrupt your existing business when launching your new marketplace. We will build a plan that helps manage both.
Merging Distribution and Marketplace
Integrating a marketplace into your existing ecommerce distribution model requires planning. We have helped some of the biggest online distributors in their market seamlessly integrate their new marketplace into their existing environment.
Marketplace Management Guidance and Management
One of the key benefits of launching a marketplace is that you can manage one with fewer resources than a traditional ecommerce model. We use best practices to ensure your marketplace runs efficiently with little intervention.
While running a marketplace doesn’t require a lot of resources, having a core team in place is important. We will work with you to determine the headcount required to efficiently run this part of your business
Technology Option - Build vs Buy
While there are many marketplace technology out there, your unique business need might require a more custom approach. By understanding your specific goals, we can help determine if an off-the-shelf option will work.
Global and Regional Needs
Selling beyond the US poses a unique set of challenges. Whether it is taxes, tariffs, compliance or other region-specific challenges, we have the expertise to help work through them all.

Marketplace Design,
Integration, and Marketing

Just having a good marketplace strategy isn’t enough. Your marketplace needs to fit your style. And people need to find it. We can help.
Experienced Marketplace Designers Leading the Project
With years of UI/UX experience, our designers help bridge any gaps between your existing web-site and your new marketplace. This ensures your customers have a consistent experience.
Headless ecommerce
Our design strategy ensures you aren’t locked in to any one look and feel. We allow you the flexibility to mix and match the capabilities as well as the look and feel of your marketplace, based on existing needs.
Product Optimization
There are multiple strategies you can employ when launching a marketplace. Whether you want to drive competition amongst different sellers or completely enter new markets. We can help identify the best way populate what is sold on your marketplace
Target, Engage and Convert Customers
We will develop strategies to help your marketplace find new customers. We can help build demand generation campaigns based on the customer you want to target. Utilizing best in class marketing tools, we will ensure you are driving new traffic to your marketplace.
Marketing Landing Pages
Simply attracting new customers isn’t enough. It is critical you are driving them to pages that resonate. We will design and develop marketing pages that are engaging and easily help a customer understand the value your new marketplace provides.
SEO/SEM Analytics
We can help determine how to best structure pages within your marketplace to ensure search engines find and index them quickly. And we can complement your SEO strategy with search campaigns that ensure your most relevant pages compete with your competition.
Content Development
Driving traffic to your site might require more than great products. Helping customers research products on your site will ensure repeat visits leading to more sales. We can help supplement existing content on your site. We can also help build a content calendar that can be used in blogs, advertising campaigns or social media.
Customer Relationship Management
Customers are your life blood. Repeat customers sustain that life. We will design and develop tools to help you find and maintain happy and loyal customers.

Marketplace Software Development and Systems Integration

Driving traffic to your site might require more than great products. Helping customers research products on your site will ensure repeat visits leading to more sales. We can help supplement existing content on your site. We can also help build a content calendar that can be used in blogs, advertising campaigns or social media.
Software and System Integration
Whether you are wanting to integrate an off the shelf marketplace in to your existing ecommerce environment or build your own, we have the experienced product developers to implement it the right way.
ERP Integration
We will easily and seamlessly ensure we integrate with any existing ERP technology you currently use.
Mobile and App Supported Front End
Our team will ensure the customer experience is consistent in a mobile environment and can integrate in to your existing apps. Want to build an app? We can help.
Experienced Marketplace Developers
Our team of software developers have experience integrating with existing marketplace technology as well as custom design and development based on your unique requirements.
Seller Dashboards and Order Management Process
Sellers in your marketplace need to have real time access to their business on your site. We can develop the dashboards to provide real time analytics. Additionally, we will provide the tools that make it easy for a seller to manage products, pricing, and inventory all from a single portal.
Support and
We can customize a support solution that you require. This can include supporting the technology we implement for you along with supporting the sellers who participate in your marketplace.
Want to give your customer a more custom experience. We can build unique tools such as product configurators, product selectors and other tools enabling your customer to truly find what they need on your site.
Analytics, Payment, Shipping, Sales Tax Integration
We don’t want to re-invent the wheel. We integrate with most existing software to ensure there is no disruption to how you are currently managing your payments and order fulfillment.

Seller Recruitment,
Onboarding and Management

Without a wide range of sellers, your marketplace can’t succeed. Let us take the burden of finding new sellers away from you.
Manage Seller Application Process
You want to control who sells on your marketplace. We will develop an application process that makes it easy for potential new sellers to apply to participate. We will also provide tools to help you quickly determine who is a good fit without needing to spend your time with long background checks.
Seller Recruitment
Build it and they will come. Unfortunately, it isn’t’ always that easy. We have a proven model for recruiting new sellers to your marketplace. Whether you have an already established ecommerce business or trying to grow, we will find the sellers who will have the most success. Once we understand your goals, we will identify and recruit new successful sellers to your marketplace.
Seller On-Boarding
Once you have the sellers, you shouldn’t have to spend time getting them on to your site. We will work within your existing infrastructure and automate how sellers get their products on your site. We will build the processes and tools to limit the amount of resources you need to dedicate to your marketplace.
Seller Training and Support
You want to do more than just add sellers to your site. We will build the training regimen to ensure sellers understand what they need to do to sell on your site. Additionally, we will work with sellers on an on-going basis utilizing analytics to help them be more successful selling on your marketplace.
Merchandising and Advertising
Your site is valuable. You should optimize what you promote. Through analytics, we can help you determine what brands and products will get the biggest return based on site placement. Additionally, we have experience creating advertising programs, where sellers will pay to get better placement on your site.
Customer Service
Not sure how to handle new customer service inquiries? We can supplement your existing customer service resources by providing quality customer service to your marketplace customers.
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